Welcome to the travel blog of Sharon Horgan and Nathan Dukes. Here we hope to share with you, family and friends, our adventures around the world.

Somehow I managed to convince my boss to unchain me from my desk for a sum total of four months (thanks Bill!), and I fully intend to make the most of it. Sharon, not to be outdone, insisted I couldn’t do it alone and hastily packed a bag. Together we’ll start our journey in Scotland, before taking you on a lap of Europe through places like Spain, Switzerland, Croatia and Norway.

First things first though. There’s three things we’ll be taking with us.

The Passport

Who you are, what you are, where you’ve been, and … when you left? A hiding place for signatures, stamps and stickers. An album of memories and blank pages waiting to be filled. A motivational flick book for the wanderlust traveller stuck at a bloody desk. The only tangible record of your lap around planet earth. A personal memento of ticked boxes, challenges accepted, laughable misadventures and adversity conquered. The only thing the guy at the security counter gives a shit about, and therefore, the most important thing we’ll ever need.

The Camera

The best camera is the one you have with you. Say it five times every
night before you go to sleep. Mine looks a little bit like this -> but yours probably makes phone calls. Does it matter? In the business of communication, the money is in the message. A photograph is the easiest way to communicate ideas, feelings and enviable human experiences. Words tend to help, so we’ll be including a few on this site in between the colourful pixels.

The Suitcase

Ok so we’re cheating; a suitcase isn’t one thing. But Sharon and I agree the name of this website wasn’t nearly as effective when it was “Passport, Camera, T-Shirt, Toothbrush, Torch, Boots, Rain Jacket, Bug Spray, Credit Card, Socks, Phone, Map … Jokes aside, these are all important things, and therefore, by de facto, so is a suitcase. Especially the rain jacket. Have you ever been to Scotland? God help us.

Posted by:Nathan Dukes

Nathan is an Australian journalist, photographer and graphic designer