Tis said the devil himself addressed his followers by the blood-red waters of this hidden gorge. And you’d believe the witches and Druids of years passed might have cast their spells and made their prayers in Finnich Glen, otherwise know as The Devil’s Pulpit.

Even TV series Outlander created a legend for this mythical place: had Claire lied to Dougall after drinking from “Liar’s Spring”, she might well have choked on her words.

Looking downstream. Credit: NathanDukesArt

Just 30 minutes from Glasgow on our way north to the Scottish Highlands, we made a stop here to see if it lived up to the hype. T’was hidden well enough anyway; it took us about an hour to find the sodden rocky path down into the gorge.
Most of our time was spent on the wrong side of the Glen, and since we went early to have the place to ourselves, there was nobody around to ask for directions.

The accessible area, with stairs on the right side. Credit: NathanDukesArt
The blood-red waters. Credit: NathanDukesArt

Soon enough we stalked somebody to the stairs leading down. The sodden and slippery journey was worth it though. Few people and plenty of photo opportunities.
There is indeed a pulpit shaped rock in the Glen, too. It retains its mystery by being off limits to all but the few who wade through the icy water.

The Devil’s Pulpit in the distance. Credit: NathanDukesArt

Anyone interested in finding this gem should head aways up the A809. About 30 minutes north of Glasgow stop in the layby at the B834. Walk back down the hill over the bridge, and on your left you’ll see the whole in the wall. Hop the fence and carry on for a few hundred yards. You’ll see the stairs down on your left.

Posted by:Nathan Dukes

Nathan is an Australian journalist, photographer and graphic designer

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