If not for Sharon’s keen eye we might have missed this great spot altogether. I had pencilled in a stop at the ruins of Kilchurn Castle, but on the route north you’ll reach the best photo spot long before you get access to the castle.

Luckily, Sharon first spotted the ruins across the end of Loch Awe, so we pulled off to the side of the road and jumped the fence into the boggy field. Down by the water was a beautiful little spot for a photograph between the mossy trees.

Kilchurn Castle from across Loch Awe. Credit: NathanDukesArt

Further down the road we found the carpark and made the short walk for some exploring through the ruins. 100% worth it. Some of the best things in Scotland are free, Kilchurn Castle included. The ruins were beautifully maintained and we found several rooms, including the prison, watchtowers, toilet, central courtyard and the remainder of the primary tower.

Inside the ruins. Credit: NathanDukesArt
Looking up inside the now hollow tower. Credit: NathanDukesArt

The castle was the stronghold of the Campbell’s of Glenorchy, and was established on the peninsula in Loch Awe by Sir Colin Campbell, first Lord of Glenorchy, in the 15th century. After a period of great expansion, the clan became Earls of Breadalbane and moved to Taymouth Castle.  During the first Jacobite Rising of 1689 the castle was converted into a garrison, but by 1770 the site was out of use and fell into ruin.

The walk to Kilchurn Castle. Credit: NathanDukesArt

Find Kilchurn Castle at the top of the A819 just 15 miles north of Inverary. Access is free during the summer.

Posted by:Nathan Dukes

Nathan is an Australian journalist, photographer and graphic designer

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