Up until this point we hadn’t had to pay to see anything in Scotland, but we were due for a rude awakening on the cost of travelling.
Unfortunately,it meant our first impression of Inverary Castle was rather negative. T’was suggested by a particularly surly young Irish lady that we chance jumping the perimeter fence, but we lacked the common sense and instead opened our wallets.

The imposing facade of Inverary Castle.
Credit: NathanDukesArt

I wasn’t expecting much from a modern castle either but we end up having a great time. The huge gardens were really great, and Sharon and I got photographs of some memorable moments I’m sure she’ll enjoy looking back on In years to come.

Sharon swings from a giant tree in the garden. Credit: NathanDukesArt
Sharon finds a beautiful flowering tree. Credit: NathanDukesArt

Bonus for those playing at home: this is the actually home of a real living Duke, and was also one of many shooting locations for drama serial Downton Abbey. How about that.

We didn’t spend as much time inside, but we explored some great period rooms set out with beautiful ornate furniture. Polished silver glittered across the dining room, which featured no less than four extravagant nefs in the shape of warships on little wheels.

The ornately decorated Inverary Castle dining room. Credit: NathanDukesArt
The central hall, filled with guns.
Credit: NathanDukesArt

The village of Inverary is only a minute down the road, so be sure to stop in to the historic town centre for a soup and sandwich.

Posted by:Nathan Dukes

Nathan is an Australian journalist, photographer and graphic designer

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