The calm Mediterranean washes beneath us. Through the netting of our catamaran the water glistens greens and blues.

Ahead of us a shimmering ball of fire, the radiating heat soothed by the salty breeze. Barcelona is bathed in golden yellow, the warmth of the evening beckoning us outside for wine and tapas and fun. Even from a distance you can feel the energy of the city changing as the sun drops further towards the horizon. Out here though, everything is calm.

Barcelona sunset cruise
Our Catamaran sailing on the breeze. Picture: Orsom Cruises


Couples huddle together on the netting, staring off into the distance, while groups of friends smile and clink glasses and toast to their fortunes. How fortunate they are.

Behind me the saxophone lets out a long mellow hum, soothing and sexy, backed by a deep house rhythm. Our captain releases the sail to the cheers of our fellow sailors, and the catamaran drifts on the wind at the mercy of Poseidon.

Barcelona sunset cruise
Sunset over Barcelona. Picture: Sharon Horgan

A night on your back is the perfect tonic to a day on your feet, and a different way of exploring this wonderful, vibrant city.

With a glass of wine in hand we settle into a quiet trance, following the mellow rhythm of our vessel. The sunset is like the embers of a fire, our gaze fixated in the distance, and our minds lost in thought. An unforgettable experience.

Barcelona sunset cruise
The saxaphone hums as we sail into the sunset. Picture: Orsom Cruises

Several operators are available for sunset cruises from Barcelona harbour, from small private charters to large vessels. We chose the Sunset Jazz Cruise from Orsom.

Posted by:Nathan Dukes

Nathan is an Australian journalist, photographer and graphic designer

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